How BMUNE is made
BMUNE is made of the finest, purest and highest quality all natural ingredients, provided by the most reputable raw material and premix providers. The ingredients are homogenized, formulated and manufactured under strict FDA guidelines at BMUNE manufacturing facility in USA, and packaged into final single dose units and boxes by co-packing partners.
How BMUNE works
The patented formulation in BMUNE is based on many years of preclinical scientific research into the interactive synergy of the key ingredients, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin E, and the proprietary blend of a plant flavonoid in a plant oil. In pre-clinical studies it’s been discovered that the synergy between vitamins A and E and a catechin of the flavonoid superfamily enhance the immune response. It is recommended to take this supplement daily for supporting a balanced and healthy immune system*. This product is for ages 12 years and up. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical conditions, or taking any medicines, please consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product.